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In behalf of all staffs of MARUKA TRANS CO.LTD, I am here appreciate all our friends sincerely. Over 60 years, we grow stronger with each passing day. It all attribute to the supporting of friends from all walks of life. Thank you so much my dear friends.

We are located in the Fukuyama Port in Japan, provide services of logistics, customs clearance, booking cargo and shipment .etc.

With us you will get one-stop service logistics service, which includes loading,
un-loading , delivery , clearance, warehousing & deposition, truck delivery, cutting process of big and weighty items.

Our company has a variety of professinoal logistics & transport equipments, and rich experience of integrated logistics. What you need to do is just outsourcing all the matters to us. from planning the shipment to the end, we will devise a most cost-effective and efficient import-export solution for you.

CEO Hisashi Kitamura

CEO Hisashi Kitamura


Head Office

22-1 Minooki-cho , Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 721-0956Access Map
TEL +81-84-954-1234 FAX +81-84-953-9807

Site Office
1 Kokancho-cho , Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 721-0931Access Map
TEL +81-84-941-3841 FAX +81-84-941-3845
Kasaoka Ships Office
6 Kokancho-cho , kasaoka-shi, Okayama 714-0063Access Map
TEL 0865-66-0900
Year of establishment March 1, 1947
Year of the company establishment August 29 1951
Capital 52 million yen
President (CEO) Hisashi Kitamura
Employees 201 (2015 March)
Services General Transportation, Port Transportation, Industrial Waste Transportation, Customs Clearance, Warehouse, Insurance, Construction, Machine Installations, Crane -assisted transportation and storage.
Banks Hiroshima Bank, Chugoku Bank, Mizuho Bank
Number of the vehicles 146
(trucks, cranes, tankers, power shovels, fork lifts etc.)

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